Display Monitors, to curve or not to curve?

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Display Monitors, to curve or not to curve?

I would get a curved screen
I would get a flat screen
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Post 26 Apr 2021

Afternoon all.
Anyone else tempted to go an Ultra wide 34" 3440x1440, or even a 38" 3840x1600 (if you haven't already)?
Feel free to share your current screen setups. I am currently still using a single flat 27" 2560×1440 IPS Monitor.

My cut and paste *by Pipsicle:

Some YouTube shares:

Curved vs Flat Monitor Performance| In Depth Analysis

Your Brain on a Curved vs Flat Ultrawide Monitor

Or maybe go back to a SM124 CRT Monochrome Display :D
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Post 26 Apr 2021

I think the optimum right now is two or three smaller screens arranged to suite your workflow, assuming your DAW allows you to spread the windows to suit, which happily Reason does allow. I've even seen people with one of the screens in portrait orientation and positioned off to the side, pretty much where a rack of real outboard stuff would be.

I've seen those pics of various DAWs running on one monster TV screen but I think I would find that less ergonomic and probably more tiring on the eyes for long sessions.

So to answer your specific question, I would suggest that adding a second 27" screen would be better than replacing the existing screen with a bigger one, curved or not (I don't really see any value in curved screens at all, regardless of the size).

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Post 26 Apr 2021

I'm running a 24" and a 21" which is due for an upgrade.
Really can't fit dual 27"s so I'm also considering a single 34" monster.
I figure I'll probably use its own drivers to run 2 virtual screens , because I like that view for my Daw software's.
But the real question is the same as OP...curve or not? I'm leaning towards no curve or only a gentle curve. Reason being that because of my midi keyboard I'm not sitting as close to the screen as I'd like therefore the edges might be a bit off...
Anyway I'll probably wait until Reason has it's HD update before jumping, because I'll be considering a 4k display.

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