Volca Subtractor!

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Post 22 Feb 2021

Just a drawing... \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\I wish it could be true!!! :D
Subtractor Volca colored.jpg
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Post 22 Feb 2021

I think that would be pretty cool. People have been talking about hardware versions of Reason synths forever. The Volca range would be a good platform for this to happen. Korg, in association with Reason Studios present - Volca Subtractor :D

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Post 23 Feb 2021

Subtractor must be vintage enough for a Behringer clone by now? Could be a new market for them cloning software synths. 😁
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Post 23 Feb 2021

I really like your drawing of waveforms.

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Post 23 Feb 2021

oolaa wrote:
23 Feb 2021
Subtractor must be vintage enough for a Behringer clone by now?
I mean it's been out longer than a week so

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Post 23 Feb 2021

The Raspberry Pi is already powerful enough to run a number of synths; I wonder if Subtractor is lightweight enough that you could get by with a Pi Zero.
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Post 23 Feb 2021

On the topic of Volcas, I'd really like to see the Korg NTS-1 as a Volca. It's a very fun concept, and while I own a couple Monotrons, I'd like the larger form factor, with more knobs and the sequencer of a Volca to be incorporated with a version of the NTS-1.


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Post 26 Feb 2021

In the meantime.. a Behringer BC2000 version :mrgreen:
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