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Hey everyone -

I've been using Reason for about a year now. I started out on the Reason 10 build and now I'm on Reason 11 - and I'm wondering how I might best go about mapping stereo-linked parameters to my midi keyboard.

For starters; I'm using an AKAI MPK61. I am trying to map the linked 'HPF' L and R channel functions in the D16 Repeater to a single knob. Since the D16 is a stereo delay, there are two channels, L and R.

I have successfully mapped the 'Delay Time' and 'Feedback' functions as linked parameters, so when I turn knob K1 on my MPK, both L and R Delay Time increase or decrease at the same value. The same can be said for the L and R Feedback knobs. The main reason I want do this on my MPK is to get the most value and function out of the Repeater, which has a 'link' function that pairs the L and R knobs for each variable you want to automate/change.

Am I doing something wrong? Why is it that my MPK allowed the successful pairing of Stereo Delay Time and Feedback on knobs K1 and K2, but K3 and K4 will only allow for one channel (L or R) to automate at a time?

Any information or knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, y'all.

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