Korg NTS-1 system update crash recovery.

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Post 12 Feb 2021

I had just bought it, and one hour after all drivers and korg whatnots installed, the update freezed...
Apparently it was a Korg and windowsmidi something problem (who would have thought) , with no apparent recovery solution from the system crash except return the unit...

Never give up!

Korg NTS-1 unbrick system update freeze crash procedure - win 10 - Reset

Step 1: Uninstall all Korg drivers and Korg driver apps already installed.

Step 2: Plug in your NTS-1 in update mode. No pop ups for any drivers must come up.

Step 3: Start NTS-1 system update version 1.03 and check on config: Skip version test. It now should allow you to reflash the same version you had before. In my case was brand new with 1.03

Step 4: Unplug safely and wait for an official fix for windows 10 before attempting to system update again your NTS-1. Slap your NTS-1 dealer in the face for not warning you of the update issue whatsoever, otherwise make him a fool and ask for a complete warranty anyway before announcing you have it fixed but it costed you at least 50 bucks because you had to ship it to a Japanese guy in Italy for the RE8ET.

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