Need help recording from a Keystep Pro

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I've been doing some jamming using the Keystep Pro to control a few instruments in Reason, and now I want to record what I've been working on into the Reason sequencer and I seem to have hit a wall. I can only figure out two ways to set things up:
  • Lock the Keystep to the hardware interface and use the advanced midi tab to route the various midi channels. This works perfectly for playing, but nothing will record to the sequencer at all.
  • Unlock the Keystep. Only one sequencer lane will record at a time, and it records notes from every single Keystep track that is playing.
The latter can technically work, but the workflow would be a nightmare. I'd have to solo record a single track at a time and probably manually edit things together to get them to sync up. There has got to be a way to record multiple MIDI channels into the sequencer at once. It's a breeze to record, say, vocals and a guitar simultaneously.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Figured this out, so for posterity:

You have to install a third party codec that will treat each MIDI channel as a separate control surface. I nabbed this one: https://koshdukaimusicreason.blogspot.c ... emote.html

Set up each channel as a control surface in the preferences menu. They're under the <other> manufacturer. While you're there, disable the actual control surface or you'll continue to get spam from all channels on the selected sequencer lane, and make sure none of the virtual surfaces are selected as the master, or else you won't be able to lock it to an instrument.

In the rack, use the right-click menu to lock the virtual surfaces to the appropriate instruments. Then make sure all your desired sequencer lanes are record enabled and go!

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