Controller keyboard's knobs and faders not being recognised correctly by Reason's remote override function

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I'm using an M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 keyboard with Reason 10.5. In the past I've been able to use Reason's 'Edit Remote Override Mapping' option to map the Keystation's various rotary knobs and faders to control parameters in Reason's instruments. I just right-click on an instrument's control, select 'Edit Remote Override Mapping' and twiddle one of the rotary knobs or slide a fader on the Keystation and it's registered and set.

However, lately that doesn't happen. If I twiddle the bottom left rotary knob on the Keystation (labelled B10) then nothing happens - Reason's 'Edit Remote Override Mapping' window doesn't register the controller as being turned. It's the same for knobs B11, B12 and B13 - Reason is not registering anything when I turn these controller knobs. Furthermore, when I turn the knob labelled B14 it is recognised by Reason but as 'Fader C1'. Likewise knob B15 is recognised as 'Fader C2', while knobs B16 and B17 aren't recognised at all.

All of the Keystation's buttons (labelled B44 to B51 and C52 to C60) are recognised as button B49, while none of the 9 fader controls are recognised at all.

I've tried factory resetting the Keystation and removing and re-adding the keyboard to Reason but the problem is still there.

Is this likely to be a fault with the Keystation or is Reason the problem here? How can I get Reason to recognise the correct controllers on the Keystation?

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