UPDATE: best headphone amps?

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Post 08 Sep 2020

I just decided to upgrade to an audio interface with the best-in-class headphone amp: MOTU M2. For a reasonable price I also get great, low latency thunderbolt 3 audio I/O and native loopback. I couldn’t be happier.
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Post 10 Sep 2020

I often listen To Can, through my cans, on the can, because I can.
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Sorry for bumping up this old thread, I have the k702 as well for about 3 years. After 6 months of a lot of music the cans loosened up on the deep lowend but I've always felt it was a bit weak. Nevertheless got familiar by the sound to mix with it. After a year I placed some 4mm breathing felt round shaped just cover the inside ring which dampens the sharp highs and recently bought the the dekoni fenestrated sheap leather earpads, this made these earcans perfect! The earpads extend the lowend a bit and kept the rest as good as unaltered. Earpads aren't cheap but definitely worth it in my opinion.
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