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Hi all,

I purchased a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61Mk2 keyboard last year. It's a lovely device, and the NKS integration is a lot of fun. Being a long-time Reason user I quickly got frustrated with the lack of out-of-the-box support for the S61 Mk2 inside Reason. Sure I could do Remote Overrides when needed, but I thought there had to be a better default experience. So I did some digging around and discovered the whole Remote mapping universe and how Reason's controller integration works under the covers (I'm a computer programmer by day, so don't mind getting into the coding details!).

I'd like to share what I've done - ... te-kontrol

These are Reason Remote mapping and codec files for the NI Komplete Kontrol Mk2 keyboards. I only own the S61, but I believe these should work with all Mk2 keyboards. I also work on Windows 10, so that's all I've been able to test on - it's possible (likely even) these also work on MacOS but unfortunately I have no idea about how Remote works in that environment.

There are two sets of files: one for basic MCU support (i.e. controlling the Reason transport); one for the Mk2 keyboard

The MCU mapping is fairly obvious (transport play maps to play button etc.). The Mk2 keyboard mapping is arbitrary. When a Reason device contains more buttons/knobs than the hardware keyboard offers I've gone for a selection of what I think are the most commonly used controls.

Finally, everything is 2-way mapped so tweaking controls in Reason or on the hardware will update both (handy to avoid jumps in control values when switching devices!).

It's not perfect, but hopefully it's a nice default starting point for others who own these keyboards! Enjoy :)

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Great you share this !

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Just installed and works perfectly on my MK2 61.

You made my day, thank you very much! :)
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