Why Reason 11 Intro can't see 4 channels from Tascam US 4x4

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I'm new on this. I just got a Reason 11 some months ago and I’m mainly using it to compose virtual drums over live recorded instruments and voice.

In order to be able to record more than one audio track at the time I got a Tascam US 4x4. It’s supposed to have 4 inputs and 4 outputs.

I tried to set the hardware up on both ways. Using Asio4All and using the Tascam driver. So far I can get the sound recorded into Reason and it hears nice but I’m having trouble with two issues and I don’t know if it’s something related to things that I may be doing wrong or is it some limitation from Reason Intro or every Reason version. The issues are:

1. In Preferences I can set input and output but Inputs 1 and 2 are grouped in the same checkbox and Inputs 3 and for are groped also in another checkbox, so it’s like I just got a 2 channel mixer instead of 4.

2. Even trying to record just 2 tracks simultaneously (gave up on recording 4 for now), I set both tracks ready for recording and after pressing Record I can see the new audio wave being created but only in the track that was selected (highlighted?). The other won’t get anything recorded. If I start recording again with the other track selected, I’ll record the other instrument but never both.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks! :puf_bigsmile:

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Post 21 Jun 2020

1: it's still 4 tracks, they are just enabled in pairs. You can create four mono tracks in the sequencer to record if you like, or two stereo, or one stereo two mono, etc.
2: you need to click on the RECORD button, not the track select, to arm the additional record tracks.
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Regarding your feedback #1, I'm aware of having 4 mono or two stereo. I even tried modifying those parameters and trying different driver combinations but couldn't get 4 separate check boxes in the hardware setup screen in Reason. I'm aware that some "lite" or "intro" versions of some software may be limited in their features, so I wonder if full Reason is able to do it but Intro Reason does not?

Regarding your feedback #2, I got sure that both tracks had the record button enabled but it ended working as described before. It seems that since it's not active it will ignore that the record function is enabled. Is there anything else that I may be doing wrong? Could someone confirm is recording two or more tracks simultaneously is something that the Intro version of Reason is able to do?

Thanks for your help!

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