Curious MIDI recording problem

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Post 21 May 2020

Hey everyone! Wondering if someone can shed a little light on this issue. So, sometimes in Reason (actually quite often), if I'm recording say, 2 bars of kick. The kick on the first beat of the second bar won't get recorded. Or more specifically, it gets dumped at the beginning of the clip. Or I'll record a chord progression and when I hit a chord at or near the middle of the phrase, I can see it recording at the beginning, overlapping my other chords.

Now I thought this was a Reason specific thing, although support said they could never replicate it. Now I'm just messing around on Maschine to tide me over until my Push 2 arrives. Aaaaand....I have a similar issue. Notes disappearing from later in a pattern and appearing at the start.

The weird thing is that I used to get this behaviour on my PC. I'm now on Mac. And it appears to be happening across multiple hardware controllers. I feel like sometimes I can get around it by playing a little late, but it shouldn't be happening at all. Any ideas welcome. Thanks!

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Post 21 May 2020

Not a clue!

I've never experienced an issue like this personally, so don't have any useful suggestions.

I did have a friend once who had an eerily similar problem with MIDI sequencing though - although this was back in the hardware days - the conclusion we came to was that he was cursed. I can only suggest doing what he did and finding a hypnotherapist specialising in regression therapy. By finding out and atoning for sins in his past lives, he lifted the curse and his MIDI problems just went away. :puf_bigsmile:

Wish I could be of actual help - it sounds like something is resetting your count after a bar somehow - what a nightmare!

If (and hopefully when) you find a solution, please let us know what you did to bring such displeasure to the MIDI gods.

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Post 21 May 2020

super weird. I know you have video recording software—maybe try to screen capture as you try to recreate it and send it to RS?

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