Free XLN Addictive Keys plugin through Focusrite with certain products

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Post 26 Mar 2020

I didn't know I was eligible for a free XLN Addictive Keys plugin through Focusrite...

I had already registered my VRM Box with Focusrite... I did that back when I was complaining with them for leaving me with a paperweight lol (they had discontinued and were no longer supporting the VRM Software—the VRM Box was pretty much a dongle to be able to use the software).

Anyways. Aside from that, I own a Saffire LE. I don't have a good idea how long I've had that—over 10 years at least. But I had never registered it. I figured I had the VRM Box registered and I'd get all the 'Plugin Collective' stuff with that. Today, with little else to do apparently lol, I registered the Saffire LE.

And then I saw the offer for XLN Addictive Keys appear in my account. I had no idea all this time!
I chose the Electric Piano and it is quite nice :thumbs_up:

So for others of you who might not know who have eligible products, here is the page about it: ... ctivation-

And here is the list of eligible products:
- All Scarlett products (Gen 1, 2 and 3)
- Scarlett 8i6 and 18i6
- Saffire 6 USB
- All Clarett products
- All Saffire products
- Red 4Pre, Red 8Pre
- All RedNet Products
- Forte
- iTrack Solo

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Post 29 Mar 2020

Yeah, they are great. I have all 4 from registring hw. If you don't have Komplete, the two pianos are great alternatives.
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