Keyboard connectivity problem

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Post 07 Feb 2020


Just got a new PC (Windows 10) and I can't get it to talk to my keyboard.

It's a Novation Impulse 49 and it won't power up when connected. I've downloaded and installed what I think are the current drivers but no result at all.

Any suggestions welcomed.

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Post 07 Feb 2020

Is there any indication from windows that the keyboard has been plugged in?
1)a) try a different USB port
b) try something else in that port.
2) try a different USB cable
3) try your keyboard on a different PC
If the keyboard isn't even lighting up when it's plugged in it's likely that it's not getting power. It shouldn't take much to get some sort of sign of life.
If it is lighting up but not talking to the PC it's possible that it's a driver issue but from what you're describing it sounds like a connection isn't being made.

Edit: when I got a new build one of the pins were bent on the usb interface on the front panel, so it wasn't working properly. Try one of the usb ports on the back and if you feel confident check for any miss-seated cables in your tower.
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Post 08 Feb 2020

Thanks, pushedbutton.

I've tried different cables and different ports to no avail and in despair I've got in touch with Novation. Still waiting a reply.

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Post 09 Feb 2020

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