Reason Studios Rack Extensions on hardware: did Props miss the boat?

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Post 23 Nov 2019

A few days ago, a recent Op-Ed was published by a popular dev for Korg's open source hardware on CDM. This makes me think of Reason Studios (at the time, Propellerhead's CTO) public technology demo showing Rack Extensions running on hardware via ELK's Music OS, ironically running a Korg Rack Extension. :D :lol:

I think it's possible Reason Studios missed the boat on this, though I'm really hoping the new guard pushes to get Rack Extensions (and even "Reason Rack Plugin") running on some actual hardware soon - though I suspect the fact that none of this is open-source means it won't happen anytime soon.

Give this a read when you get a chance - makes picking up a Korg Miniloge XD or org Nu:tekt NTS-1 a very attractive thing: ... sinevibes/

This is Korg's relatively cheap Nu:tekt NTS-1 running a 3rd party dev's own plugin:

Here's Magnus Berger from Propellerhead (who may or may not still be with Reason Studios) demonstrating a Korg RE running on hardware (starts around the 32:14 time):

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