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Firstly - I lost my old account on here years ago and can't for the life of me remember who I was. So I apologise.

And so while I'm new I've technically just been away and I now have forum amnesia (is this even the right forum? Maybe it was a different one.) So Hi people, and reasonistas.
Here's my boggle:

I've checked @poohbear's video, and I've read a few threads on each midi controller, but I still can't make my mind up which one I should get.

So I wonder if there's the possibility of people making a real, proper, concise list of what the true pros and cons of each controller are. Price isn't the issue. I just want a really good controller, with fantastic integration, and a solid playable keyboard.

If you know of a good in-depth, analysis-based comparison, please feel to ignore the rest of this and just reply with that, as it would be of great help.

I'm sorry if it's been covered somewhere here and I know there have been several discussions, but it's an awful lot of noise without much in the way of a signal. I'm just looking for facts direct from people who've used these controllers.



Stuff I'm interested in is things like:

Did the old P6 issues of clanky keys and stubborn pads carry over into recent builds? Is it noisy to play? I've read that some people find the black keys difficult to play?

Does the T6 require Nektarine to function as solidly (in terms of integration) as the P6?

Does the P6 now use Nektarine? And if so - is it only for VST's or is it for all integration?

I like the idea of the T6's keys allegedly being better and more responsive than the P6 - does everyone agree that they are better? But why? Pooh Bear said in his video that the keys feel more weighted in the T6 - does this hold true for everyone?

I like to think that I'd use it now to play a mix of synths and piano - as I'm out of practise on the latter. Which keyboard is better for this kind of hands go likely switchy swashy behaviour? And is the worst of the two really that bad or just not as good as the other? How's it compare to Novation/ Akai?

Does either keyboard force you to menu dive more than the other?

For someone like me only really uses VST effects (and two VST synths) as I have more than enough instruments within Reason when coupled with hardware, will I find integration is mostly done for me? I have a few handfulls of rack extensions - mostly Korg, Skrock and stuff like that. Is integration better in one than the other? Why?

Do both function well for Mac users?

I haven't decided if playability or deepest integration is my most important feature - but deep integration is needed as I like the idea of getting away from the computer - but there is one thing the T6 has that I like, which is the note repeater on the pads - I love this in my EMXs and Akais - so does the T6 integration go deep enough (basic synth controls and ability to craft sounds and perform live tweaks and noises - I don't care if I need to call up the LFO's or whatnot and this replaces the knob function as long as its a quick job) or would I miss something from the P6?

Oh and surely note repeat is a software feature - so is there a reason that it hasn't been added to the P6 (just market differentiation)?

Hope folk can help!

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My video should really answer some of your questions the main one being are you into sound design or more playing.
Sound design=P series.
Playing=T series.

The P series is more integrate into Reason due to the community and myself creating maps for it.

VST are less mapped as there are so many of them, I have mapped a number of them as I own them.

Nektarine works on both the P and T series.

I covered the black key issue on my video, they are not extra proud, it's more of an optical illusion.

The Keybed and pads are that much better on the T series, but personally I don't have issues with the P series as I use headphones most of the time.

Mac users lack the use of the function keys, TBH I have not really heard many people complain about this (this is a Mac thing)

If you love note repeat, The Echo Note player which is a stock device should fill part of your need, yes I liked the fact you could setup a grove on the T series.

I know you want to hear from someone else about this product, I do own a LX, T and P product, I don't work for Nektar, I gave quite an honest review.

The only other thing I would add is the aftertouch is very responsive on the T series and takes a little while to get use to but at the same time gives an expressive feel about it.

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