That Ableton Sound!

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 01 Oct 2019

EdGrip wrote:
29 Sep 2019
I think I posted it!
It's a work of art.
Definitely - it's the attention to detail (and the rave siren) that really make it work so well - I was hoping someone would do one for Reason, or maybe SHI ;)

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Post 01 Oct 2019

man , that might be the worst video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post 02 Oct 2019

EdGrip wrote:
01 Oct 2019
It's the official Live 10 announcement video - it's just the soundtrack that's been replaced.
it's a work of art, had to watch it again just now. The editing is amazing and it gets funnier each time I watch it. Killthenoise!

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Post 04 Oct 2019

Rock that bitch............rock that bitch.................

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Dayum! *rave siren*

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