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Creativemind wrote:
28 Sep 2019
Does it have sequencer comping? think I know the answer but though I'd ask. That list above is insane lol!

The things I want the most are a decent powerful midi editor - all that Reason has since 11 + midi chase, joining notes and bonus would be paint in / type in chords + easy to use. Midi comping would be a double bonus and dump to midi like FL has (capture last recording in Logic) a triple bonus.
Regarding comping look a this vid:

@timecode 29:50

Unfortunately its not english, but you´ll get the point. You simply have to mark a part from a take it will be automatically send to track and will crossefade to another parts. You see it at 31:10, he´s just soloing each take and is highlighting the best parts, the result is at 32:00 is quite amazing, the autocrossfade is very good feature.

Here is another video regarding the midi editor:

Sadly also in german, but he created very nice macros for midi editing. For instance, select every 2nd note, send it up an octave, or just select the lower notes, split at grid etc.

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