What's your favorite feature in a DAW other than Reason?

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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For me, it has to be track freeze. I have done a handful of orchestral mockups, and it can require a shitload of instruments- sometimes more than 50 or 60 tracks. The lack of freeze- and VST3- makes it impossible for me to do that kind of work in Reason. I LOVE the creative environment that Reason provides, and I would use it exclusively if that feature- along with Video- was present. Considering that Logic has had it for at least a decade (it was there when I started using it back in '09) I can't believe that the tech is very difficult to implement.

How about you? What's the feature that forces you to split time between another DAW and Reason?

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Multi track Vocal Alignment.

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Ableton Live's browser for sure. I click on an audio file and it displays a waveform that I can click and begin playback from any point, which is incredibly useful when going through longer audio files. I can loop samples and have them automatically conform to my track's tempo, great for quickly browsing through and auditioning samples. If I find a drum loop that I want to rearrange, I just right-click and slice to new MIDI track, and it it slices the individual hits into a drum rack. It makes life so easy. In Reason's browser, you can't even loop audio files!

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Track freeze, Track folders, VST3 support, scratchpad.
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Steptime input
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Logic: Takes/ALT/ReDUB or whatever it's called...

Even in Garageband, from my memory, you LOOP, RECORD, and PICK the track you want.... nice n numbered.
Then, DISCARD the rest.

Has REASON simplified? I don't even try to over-dub/ALT anymore, so it might have changed.
But, from memory, and my poor skills at the time, it was a Pain.

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FL Studio - Cloned / Mimic'd Clips, quickly duplicate clips or paint them, Paste In-Able Preset Automation Shapes, left click adds and right click deletes on clips, piano roll notes etc, scalable mixer and devices, chord painting in the piano roll, right click mouse hold changes the tool to a rubber and you can quickly rub out in the piano roll, remember last note length and can click a different note length once to change the next pasted note length, dump to piano roll, strum tool and play tool in the piano roll too.
Logic - highlighting a column of notes in the midi editor tells you what chord it is in the midi editor, A to show / hide automation and that the automation is over the top of the clip, key / chord / scale display on sequencer, Logic's Undo History is very good too.

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Acid Pro - Beatmapper

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