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Post 06 Sep 2019

My 88 keys midiboard just passed away recently.

Have an old plastic miditech 49 key with midi port and a few knobs but no sliders or pads, its keys and velocity response is not compelling in the long run. At least it works and has mod wheel and pitchbend.

Also have a little 25 key Akai lpk basic one.

I came to conclusion that 88 keys is far too clumsy for my need, maximum 76 keys, but optimal maybe 61. But mostly 49 works just fine if having octave up/down in easy access.

Now, I am a bit picky on the feel of the keys, but dont have to be real piano feel, but at least a nice response even if plastic.

I also would love to have transport buttons, some velocity sensitive pads if of quality (man how I miss my old mpc).
And also sliders and buttons for solo/mute would be lovely.

Long story short...

I have no retailer where I can test the Nektar keyboards but since I see lots of folks here use them, I would need some feedback or honest guidance.

I am looking at Impact series, as well as the T6 which seem to have a few extra on it.

Also I did see a midi foot board called Pacer which got me pondering that too. Controlling Reason with a foot board seems interesting on paper, does it work as smooth in real life?
Can one do a kind of loop live recording with such board?

Any thoughts, experience or opinions are highly appretiated regards to using any Master keyboard, controller or midi pedals and what you can do with it and what did work what did not quite work as expected etc...

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Post 10 Sep 2019

I love my Nektar. But I have the impact and the keys are, plasticy. Since I'm not a good keyboardist it doesn't matter that much to me. I've had so many controllers and this one is by FAR the most reliable. It integrates so well with Reason so I don't care about the keys as much. The older Panorama series supposedly has much nicer keys, I'm not sure about the new series.

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