Poll: If Reason Didn't Exist, What DAW Would You Use?

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?

If Reason Didn't Exist, What DAW Would You Use?

Logic Pro X
Pro Tools
Studio One
Ableton Live
Cubase Pro
FL Studio
Bitwig Studio
MOTO Digital Performer
No votes
Mixcraft Pro Studio
No votes
Other (could be an iPad app or something like Korg Gadget I suppose)
Total votes: 111
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Post 28 Aug 2019

I'd be on Atari ST with Cubase, you can keep FL, Logic, Ableton... I was on Atari ST when Reason came out, and I still miss its sequencer...

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Post 28 Aug 2019

boingy wrote:
12 Aug 2019
I'm hardly in Reason recently. Studio One is delivering on a level that Reason can only dream of and even the very conservative Cubase is looking very modern. I'm starting to see Reason as a tool for sound designing and geeky wiring rather than music making, and I've never been into sound design.

BTW, you missed Cakewalk out, it's still got a decent user base plus it's now completely free via Bandlab.
Cakewalk Gold edition has been with me for years, given I never had the money to jump on the Logic/Mac wagon, which I always googled upon, but I never wanted to invest much money on Vst's and computer stuff back then; probably with time I would have chosen Logic because of the modularity aspect of it.

Now I guess Ableton or Bitwig, but as a producer, Reaper or S1, which simply weren't there 20y. ago. Even Logic came later on.

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Post 29 Aug 2019

Reason was introduced to me by a buddy way back in the Reason 3 days. At the time I was cranking out beats in Impulse Tracker. Had Reason never existed I'd likely have migrated to Renoise eventually.

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Post 30 Aug 2019

Okay, I'll give it a shot ........... Acid Pro.

Not everyone's first choice. Actually, not a choice for many at all I'd guess! But I've got a real soft spot for Acid :shock: Acid Music (when Sonic Foundry) was the first PC music software I ever bought. I've used it ever since, although these days mostly for the Beatmapper & doing DJ style mixes. But I know my way around it well enough & like it enough to probably go for it over most other options. For a while I really liked Tracktion, that was before Reason had audio tracks & MIDI-output. But that kind of died off after Mackie bought it up to include it bundled with their own hardware. If I was a Mac user maybe Logic would get some consideration. I also like the look of Bitwig Studio. Live is obviously hugely popular. But I've never really clicked with it.

To be honest I just hope & pray I can use Reason for as long as I can draw breath & are still interested in this stuff. Because it's better than anything else as far as I'm concerned ;-)

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