MJ Enhanced X-Touch / Mackie MCU Pro control mapping!

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Post 12 May 2019

Hey all,
this guy totally rewrote the Mackie Universal Control remote map that exists in Reason.
The remote map, called MJ Enhanced Universal Control, fixes problems like buttons being mapped in the wrong areas, virtually eliminates clip LEDs getting triggered, functions missing entirely (like the EQ Q knobs) while adding enhancements and new features
http://www.jaexx.com/blog/reason-custom ... ap-layout/

This mapping is for: Mackie MCU, MCU Pro or Behringer X-Touch
and best of all it is for free.

Go grab and show your support.
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Post 12 May 2019

Is this mostly for using an X-Touch/MCU with an Extender device? I'm a bit confused as to what's changed.

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Post 12 May 2019

I am interested in an updated map for my Mackie C4 Extender. The one I currently use does not include the newer devices and players. Would this map include those devices?

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Post 15 Jun 2019

Just saw this post. In this post viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7510805&p=433431#p433431, I had been trying to find a mapping solution to fix the problem where the MCU Pro did not show ticks in the time display.

Well, jam-s suggested to look at the Mixer Jaexx MCU enhanced map. I did, and I have been using this map, and am completely thrilled with it. It just makes more sense. Not only that, but Props support provided a mapping solution to fix the ticks. I modified the map and it worked fine. Then I shared it with Mixer Jaexx, and he added it into the enhanced map too. I don't have the XT extender, but if I did, I would use the MJ extender map too. I have not seen that MJ has a remote map for the discontinued C4.

So, in my understanding, the MJ enhanced map for the X-Touch, or MCU is for the main unit, and it works for me. There is a separate map for the extender. I'd like to have an extender. I think one thing is that the extra displays can provide more information when using an extender, showing more parameters from the SSL channels.
I'm not sure which is better, the X-Touch, or Mackie MCU. It's clear to me that MJ prefers the X-Touch -- I have not used it. It would certainly be a bit easier on the wallet than the Mackie. I have no complaints about the Mackie MCU. It is solid. So I'm not sure...if I was buying now, I think the X-Touch, might be something to try (and use the MJ maps).

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