Korg SQ-1 (Sync 'n' charge)

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Post 01 Apr 2019

Hi, I would like to know how far SQ -1 is capable of Syncing to Reason before I buy it. Manual states cv sync for tempo and MIDI USB for both tempo and start/stop. My concerns are: 1) the 'stop' playback in Reason stops the sequence and 'play' makes SQ-1 continue where it stopped? How exactly does it work? 2) Does the USB - MiDi input on SQ-1 provide both charging and MIDI functions at a time or in case I want to sync with Reason I need to use batteries for the SQ-1? Thanks for help.

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You will need to download https://www.korg.com/us/support/downloa ... /436/3541/
Then the SQ-1 will be slaved to Reason (tempo, start/stop) When in slave mode, it will not send midi back to reason over USB, only CV.

So you can control external gear that way, or if you want to, get a CV to Midi converter, and pipe it back through your interface.

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