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I don't know if this applies to most music stores, but this has happened to me on several occasions at more than one store in Los Angeles.

1) I notice a used item on the floor or in a case with no price attached.

2) It happens to be something that I could use or have been actively wanting to buy.

3) I ask a salesperson for a price check.

4) I am SHOCKED at the low price quoted and offer to purchase the item.

5) I am told that I can buy it, but cannot pick up the item for X days because it is within the 30 day waiting period for used gear.

6) I agree, purchase the item, then pick it up on the date given.

Numbers 4 and 5 above seem to be related. I have found that the used gear prices for items that have NOT cleared the waiting period are significantly lower than the same used items that have.

Two examples:

1) I purchased used Fender practice amp in perfect condition that is $100 new and average used price is around $60 at GC. My price for catching it before the 30 day waiting period? $25.

2) I purchased a used Akai MPC Live, also in perfect condition, for $750. New price is $1,199, used price is typically close to $1,000 although it varies and have seem them as low as somewhere over $800. The only issue? I had to wait 2 days for the required 30 day waiting period to end.

tl;dr? Look for used gear that hasn't cleared the waiting period (might not have a price tag) and you might get a cheaper price than when becomes "officially" available for purchase.

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