Nektar P4/P6 3rd MIDI Port Issue - broken since 10.2

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Post 31 Dec 2018


Has anyone managed to get this working again yet please, particularly on a Mac? As you probably know, it's been broken since 10.2. and crashes Reason if you follow the instructions from Nektar: ... ategory=11

Nektar say only the Props can fix it and have logged it as a bug with them. Props, just before the release of 10.2.2., said they were aware and that release would fix it, but it didn't. The same Props person then contradicted himself and said he wasn't aware of the crashing issue but sent me a link to the logging version of Reason and invited me to crash Reason when following the instructions and send the crash logs to him. I know it's Christmas, but the logs were sent well before then and despite a chasing email, I have heard nothing from them. It's really messing with my workflow as I like to work within combinators a lot, but now can't lock onto a device within one. Anybody found a solution or workaround please, as I'm not confident the Props are going to resolve this any time soon?


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Nobody at all got anything to say about this? Really surprised. Thought there would be dozens of people on here with the same issue!

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Ooooh get you with your posh keyboard.

That's about all I have to say on the matter.
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I no doubt will encounter this issue soon as my new years resolution is to at least try incorporate panorama as much into my worlflow as possible . i even bought a begginers book on computer coding to try and help me with maps/scopes understanding.
Sorry i can't help with this .
Because i have a mac Qwert y macros option wont work . There is also an issue with looping not lighting up as it says in the manual and there are a few issues i noticed where the manual tells me that this and that will work by doing this/that etc and well no my panorama wont do these things .
One thing i will say is that i have never been able to lock my device to an effect device and still play another midi instrument in the rack despite folowing all the intructions (i've only had mine since R10 came out). So many things just dont work how the manual says and thats the reason i still havn't incorportaed this keyboard into any kind of workflow. At least you have contacted both parties to find a solution for your specific problem ... i wish i had that patience. Hope someone gets back to you soon . ....Constant and cosistant inquiring and challenging is the only way to bring about change. I want to eventually use this keyboard sucessfully in live performance.. i wish nektar would take more of an interest in updating maps etc .......its and expensive rig

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