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Korg Nanokontrol

Hello all,

I bought a used Korg Nanokontrol for 20€ and Iove it, works great (only issue is, that I don't know how to activate Scene 2-4 but that is not that important). I did not found a overlay or similar, so I created one yesterday, printed it out today and want to share it with you. Cutted it out already & it is 100% working. You can open the PDF with Illustrator or a Photo editor and change the design of the synth / add your own values. The Font is Roboto bold 9pt. There are no envelopes on the overlay, because I control all envelopes with my Nektar P4. However, everything what is "50% grey" is what is to cut out. For the round knobs I used a so called "circle cutter" from OLFA (10€).
IMPORTANT: Print in real 100% scale like the PDF is.

Korg Nanokontrol Overlay - PDF Download (Please ignore Page 2 of the PDF, its a mistake...) ... 5886979572

Remote map
- simple copy the following code into the file "nanokontrol.remote":

Scope Rob Papen com.robpapen.PredatorRE
// Control Surface Item Key Remotable Item Scale Mode

Map Knob 1 Osc 1 Type
Map Knob 2 Osc 2 Type
Map Knob 3 Osc 3 Type
Map Knob 4 Osc PWM 1 Amount
Map Knob 5 Osc PWM 2 Amount
Map Knob 6 Osc 1 Spread
Map Knob 7 Osc 2 Spread
Map Knob 8 Filter LFO Speed in QB
Map Knob 9 Filter Frequency

Map Slider 1 Osc 1 Volume
Map Slider 2 Osc 2 Volume
Map Slider 3 Osc 3 Volume
Map Slider 4 Osc 1 Symmetry
Map Slider 5 Osc 2 Symmetry
Map Slider 6 Osc 1 Sub-Volume
Map Slider 7 Osc 2 Modulation Amount
Map Slider 8 LFO > Filter
Map Slider 9 Filter Q

Map Button U1 Osc 1 Octave
Map Button U2 Osc 2 Octave
Map Button U3 Osc 3 Octave
Map Button U4 FX 1
Map Button U5 FX 2
Map Button U6 FX 3
Map Button U7 Osc 2 Mode
Map Button U8 Filter LFO Wave
Map Button U9 Filter Type

Map Button L1 Osc 1
Map Button L2 Osc 2
Map Button L3 Osc 3
Map Button L4 Fx 1 Mix
Map Button L5 Fx 2 Mix
Map Button L6 Fx 3 Mix
Map Button L7 Osc 2 Sync
Map Button L8 Filter LFO Sync

If there other overlays, for other midi controllers, are out there please upload it into this new overlay-thread here :))

Cheers, it feels like a real little synth for just around 20€! (-:

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