Which step sequencer for Reason? Launchpad?

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Post 10 Dec 2019

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friday wrote:
10 Dec 2019
Catblack wrote:
09 Dec 2019
I don't think there are. I had no idea they'd released a Launchpad X, but from what i see from the spec you can't set a pad RGB color via sysex (just using their color table) so my codec would not work with it.

Perhaps Remanola would?
He Catblack, thank you for your feedback. So you meen if i simply want to use the Launchpad for Note Scale input and Redrum Stepsequencer, then i should buy a PRO (or an old Launchpad MK2) ?
My codec uses sysex to set the colors. Mine is just a note/scale playing surface. When your LPX gets to you, you should try out the Remanola I linked as well as the one you linked. They may work. I just gave a quick look at the programmer's manual for the LPX but it's probably compatible with one of those that doesn't do things the way I do on the back end. Remanola is really advanced. There's also a Grid64 RE that has an LP codec (I think) that you may want to check out.
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Hi ReasonTalk Folks i need your help.

After my studio rebuild and optimizing my workflow, there is only one thing I want, need, must have.... controlling the Redrum Sequencer with my Launchpad X. I am not a developer only network engineer, but computer commands are not completely incomprehensible to me. Therefore, I could manage to bring the irregular cluster original remote codec files back to life, but…. I need to press the buttons super hard, they react only if the buttons send a velocity of 127 ☹

I tried to figure that out, found a solution for 4 of the buttons, but now I don't get any further, I am stuck and need help.

What I have done…. remapped the buttons to the new allocation, made a mini version with definitions only for Master, Kong, Redrum, Matric, RPG-8 (they Idea was to get a better overview), workaround for the “Edit Step” button.

I was thinking if I can use zz instead of 7F in the remote.define_items it would work, but that does not work….?
local inputs = {
{ pattern = "<100x>? 51 7F", name = "Button 01" },
{ pattern = "<100x>? 52 7F", name = "Button 02" },

I have attached the LUA file, and hope that someone will be willing to help me. I have some comments ---- ????---- in the code because I do not understand that section. Maybe someone could add some information’s to this comments?
I am also willing to pay the helper, If you are interested to get a little extra money, please send me a PM.


Launchpad X miniV.zip
StepEdit Workarround:
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