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Hi all -

I'm looking to get a new control surface to use with Reason. What I'd like to be able to find is something similar to the Tascam US-428. It was just about perfect for everything that I need - usb, 2 midi i/os, 4 audio ins, transport, faders, the works. Mine still works, with the audio inputs, which seem to have finally crapped out.

Unfortunately, driver support is pretty abysmal, especially when you move into the 64-bit world. I found some Mac drivers, but they're only 32-bit, which means that I'd have to boot into 32-bit, then try to make Reason run as 64-bit. The Panorama P1 looks awesome and, if it only had the midi i/o, I would have already pulled the trigger on it. USB ports are a kind of a premium - I need one of them for my Line6 Amplfi TT. I've seen some Thunderbolt interfaces, but it seems that all of them only have i/o for one midi connection.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and found something that works for them?


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Forget about it, there is no all-in-one solution.

I use firewire for my audio and use a lacie 4tb thunderbolt drive, that saves my 2 usb ports - i put a belkin 7-port mains-powered hub on one of them. midisport 4x4 for midi, edirol fa-101 or something similar for audio. It should all work off the hub fine. DO NOT USE A USB AUDIO INTERFACE ON A HUB!! lol

Then get a behringer bcf2000 for the faders (motorized!) and a nektar panorama for everything else. Usually you can pick up a panorama p4 cheap for £200 on ebay.

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