Propellerhead Reason controller?

Want to talk about music hardware or software that doesn't include Reason?
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Post 03 Feb 2017 ... ontroller/

I wanted knobs & I fucking got them!! :D

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Post 24 Jul 2017

ok...I stopped reading at page 4....BUT...

You guys all have some great ideas BUT....

Is there a device that just focuses on the scope of Transport control?
I'm guessing that the "BEST" transport controllers were proprietary to specific old analog recording consoles.....but is there a way to emulate the old giant rotary wheel and basice return to ZERO and return to "X" point, etc.... I mean really can we find a narrow scope for just that?

I'm all for 500 knobs and sliders and buttons, but not for elegant transport control.

i love this thread by the
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Interesting thread, I have an idea of building a web based interface that works a little like the Novation Automap in that it sits between your controllers and the Reason software. The web interface could then listen for each MIDI controller signal and based on your settings in the web UI it then controls the Reason rack / mixer device. As well as this it can label each mapped control on screen giving feedback of Reason value & control position. It could even include various peek meters, song position, selected track etc all on screen.

The WebMIDI API can facilitate the connection between multiple MIDI control surfaces and the Reason software with just one Reason Remote codec/map and the display can be as large as your screen as well as use tabbed pages etc. The biggest thing for me personally would be it can work with my screen reader/magnifier which isn't possible with any other MIDI controller. A similar project was done for the Traktor Pro software where you can create custom controls.

Also I've setup a new site where you can share custom Reason Remote codec/map files, it's all free, at

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