Beatstep vs MPD218 for Reason pad controller

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Post 12 Jul 2016

I'm looking for a controller with 16 pads, these are the cheapest at $100.

The beatstep has the 16 knobs, while the MPD has note repeat, which if it works like an MPC I like a lot.

Any thoughts?

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Post 29 Jul 2016

I have the MPD218 and it works flawlessly in Reason with Kong. Just set it up in control surfaces as a generic controller and you're good to go - No need to install the AKAI software, I didn't bother with it. It did sometimes throw a ghost pad up from time to time, but that's because I had it sat on a solid surface, It's not done it since I started using it on an old mouse mat. I have no idea about the beatstep for comparison. But yes, the note repeat etc on the MPD218 works out of the box in Kong. For the price, It's one of my best hardware buys for Reason. Great little unit for what I need. I'd be wary of using it for live performances. But for what I use it for. i.e just experimenting and recording beats, it's perfect.

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