Remote map for M-Audio Axiom Air Mini 32

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Hi, I'm trying to create a remote map for the M-Audio Axiom Air Mini 32 and I've got most of it sorted out but some of the button behaviour isn't correct e.g. the record button only records when you hold it, and the navigation buttons send continuous messages rather than one per push (this might be the issue with the record button too). I'm trying to see if I can adjust this behaviour via the midicodec and/or the remotemap. Does anyone have any documentation on the contents of these files? I've tried to sign up as a developer on Properllerheads site but it won't work despite filling in all the fields.

Thanks in advance for any help,

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I'll assume you are modifying a "Other - MIDI Control Surface" template and mapping to corresponding MIDI CC values provided from the Axiom. If so then I would find out which CC assignments are to those buttons and then use a programmer's text editor that recognized white spaces (TABS) and edit those corresponding CC's in the .midcodec file. Note the lines that look like this :

Item CC 15 value 0 127

If CC 15 were the button you wanted to map to the record button I would change the type from value to "toggle". Then I would set the range (0-127) to the corresponding values given in the remote documents which I believe are (0 and 1). That "should" probably to the trick. Hope it helps.

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Hi Lizard,
I actually started with the Evolution MK425 midicodec file as that was already pretty close to what I wanted (and I've already got one). I've got the following as the "item" and "map" entries for the record button:

Code: Select all

Item	Keypad Rec	button	0	1
Map	b? 12 xx	Keypad Rec	1	0	0
I tried changing "button" to "toggle" but that caused the codec to error when reason started.

I've looked at the messages in Midi-OX and the record button (in fact all the buttons) send a CC message with a value of 7F when pressed, and another message with a value of 00 when released. I've not tested the behaviour of the MK425 buttons but they used to work as expected. When I get back home on Friday I'll see how Midi-OX reports those button behaviours.

I need some way for the "button up" message to be ignored but I don't think there's any way to get the controller to do that. The manual does say that you can set the min and max values for a control to I'll try setting both the mix/max to 7F and see if that works. Not sure that will work for the cursor key buttons buttons: the patch scrolls madly when the button is held and if I set the mix/max for that I suspect it will think the button has never released. Hopefully Propellerheads will grant my developer access soon and I can look at the docs to see if I can do anything, maybe with a Lua codec.

I've played with the min/max values and it hasn't changed anything. I've also looked at the patch selection and it doesn't "scroll madly" but skips one patch when pressed, and another when released. So it's the same issue. I'm guessing my MK425 doesn't send the second message when the button is released. It seems the play function in Reason just ignores the second message, but stop returns to the previous start point, so it too is acknowledging the second message.

So I definitely need to ignore that second message and it doesn't look like the controller can do that, so it's either finding a way to do it in the codec (either midicodec or lua file) or I'm looking for yet another portable controller.
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Gave up trying the old-school "midicodec" approach and wrote a Lua codec, and now it all works perfectly!

If only I could write music as well as I write programs! :-)

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Hi Jim, is there any way you could share the codec you wrote? I have no idea how to do any of that, and can't seem to change the midi information in Reason to work with my mini 32. Thanks!

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Plese JimHudd, share your work on the Axiom Air Mini, just bought one abd wan't to use it with Reason...

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pquenin wrote:
10 Jun 2020
Plese JimHudd, share your work on the Axiom Air Mini, just bought one abd wan't to use it with Reason...
Here are the files you need, I made an acceptable version today

record and transport buttons are working as expected
left and right arrows are rewind and fast forward
up and down select tracks for keyboard input
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