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Post 02 Aug 2019

adfielding wrote:
02 Aug 2019
Faastwalker wrote:
01 Aug 2019

It works really well. The developer has done an amazing job with his Elephant Software (about $20 to buy). So nice not having to click & drag anymore. Just hover the pointer over any parameter & adjust with the Surface Dial. For me it's an excellent halfway house between more hands on, precision control & not having enough knobs on your MIDI controller for synthesizer control. Genius!
That's super neat, thanks! Sounds just like the kind of thing I'd get a lot of use out of.
For sure. It took very little time before it became intuitive then second nature. More so when I swapped from 'mouse' to 'trackpad' mode (negating the need to click the mouse to release the currently controlled parameter). So mouse in one hand selecting parameter by hovering over it, Surface Dial in the other hand controlling parameters. It's perfect! The only downside is you need another hand to play your keyboard. But I usually just have a short, appropriate sequence running so I have both hands free. Works very well.

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