Amp Power spike issue

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Post 25 Nov 2015

I'm having this issue for a while now that happens when I power on my SLA1 - Studio linear Amplifier while reason is running. 80% of the time I do this it knocks out the drivers for my USB audio interface.

It's not that huge of deal to fix as I just go to the Reason audio device and reselect the audio interface (a Line 6 UX2) but it is annoying.

My question is this:

Do you think the surge is going from the amp to the USB interface via the balanced cable audio connection


Could it be a surge that goes from the interface to the CPU via the USB cable?

I have a couple audio studio audio transformer lying around that I can try to put in between the amp and the interface but would appreciate anyone's thoughts on if this will make a difference or not.

Thanks in advance!
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