Axiom Pro under PT/Reason rewired

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Post 19 Jun 2015 soon as Reason (4) receives a call from the Axiom I lose control of sliders and pads in PT. It seems to be because Reason takes complete control of Hypercontrol as soon as it sees it.

Of issue for me is the loss of fader and track control...sliders automatically map to Reason (used or not), as do all pad and encoder groups. Even closing out of Reason does not entice PT to reclaim control.

I tried setting up the Axiom sliders to channel 16 in Pro Tools using the C-10 is the interface (which works, but I lose the ability to use the pads for ASCII commands), but it seems that once Reason gets ahold of the Axiom, there's no way to make it let go for any and all controls, pads, sliders, etc. 

Interestingly, the number pad always defaults to the application in focus, and it's a shame that there is only one group profile, as it would be nice to create a second set for Reason commands. 

Why don't the sliders, encoders and pads work the same way? Yeah, you'd need to refocus to PT, but then you could create a patch for each and do a quick patch load. Better than turning off the controller in Reason before re-launching PT. 

Another thought - why can't pads, sliders and encoders be zoned? Unless I've missed something, a solve would be to zone the sliders to a specific channel (or even output....MIDI port perhaps?) that would lock to a given device or DAW. 

Unfortunately, M-Audio chose to treat Reason as a standalone DAW and not a set of instrument/devices (as it is approached by PT rewire users), so there's no way to launch an instance of say, Thor as an instrument. This is not M-Audio's fault entirely, as PT treats Reason the same way...the idea that PT (and Hypercontrol) relies on track/instrument selection in Reason's sequencer is the at the heart of the issue, as Reason does not allow for full deselection of all instruments in the sequencer once one is selected (or did I miss something there?). 

BTW...I did try setting Hypercontrol to Transport, hoping PT would maintain control, but it didn't work....Reason grabbed the Axiom and wouldn't let go.

It seems that PT/Reason couplings would be fairly common...does anyone have experience in this, and if so, what's the workaround?

Thanks in advance!

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