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I recently bought Maschine mk2  like new for £360  and due to the xmas offer I got 7 free expansion packs when I registered my mk2, each worth £44 ......  BARGAIN!!! ;)

While I was totally happy with just Maschine... I thought the other day you know maybe I can find a cheap Komplete 8 upgrade, just to get FM8 and the pianos etc.  I found one for £60 including postage, brand new, fully boxed, unused.

So it arrived yesterday, took me hours to install from the 12 dvds, but I got there in the end.  Entered the reg code, and it said LOCKED!!!!!! WTF!!!  this was at 6am.. yeah I stayed up late to install it all lol

Anyway to cut the story short I rang NI this morning after a couple of hours sleep. And got put through to a lady who solved the issue within a minute!  Fantastic customer service!  I was fearing the worst due to it been a cheap ebay upgrade...  

Yep its taken hours and hours to install... its now doing its updates.. which will take a few more hours at least at the rate its going.  BUT!!!!!! I have Maschine and Komplete 8 + 7 expansions, and £66 of money off vouchers!  all for £420!  So if I want to I can use my money off vouchers to upgrade Komplete 8 to 10 for £108 hehe, or buy Razor for £13 lol

NI seem to get things right,  I'm loving Maschines workflow and cant wait to boot it up with Komplete 8.. fecking updates hehe :)

Maybe if I get chance I will do a review of it all for you, that's if any one is interested.

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Yeah went ahead and bought komplete 10 ultimate and I'm completely blown away by it. Didn't take long to load off the ssd 3.0 usb. The demos they show don't give you the whole picture, you really have to use it to see the power. What you get with Kontakt 5 and Reaktor are worth the price alone. Being able to change the speed of the playback with samples is huge for me and has convinced me to move away from my triton to NI sample base instruments. The sound quality is top notch very pleased. No problems with cpu and my HDD isn't the fastest I have no problems loading sample base instruments.

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Hi Mr44hz, as you put it blown away :) . Amazing sounds and capability. The workflow is just awesome.

I got a total of £66 money off vouchers which I have to use within 5 days, so I think I may add Razor to the synth mix :) very very tempting hehe.

By the way for those out of the loop NI are having a sale on their effects 50% off until the 23rd. Some nice stuff to be had.

All the best

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