Soundcloud sounding different on various browsers

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Post 19 Oct 2023

Basically the title. I was listening to my latest track on various devices to see if there was anything to correct in the mix, when I realised that on the same computer, connected to the same sound system, the track, hosted on soundcloud, when played from the FireFox browser sounds almost highpassed compared to Chrome.
I then also tried it on Edge and Brave (the latter two browsers also have a much higher playback volume so I had to turn the volume down for comparison) and in each case there are subtle differences, although not as huge as between firefox and chrome.

In general I have noticed that the chormium-based browsers sound more similar.

Do any of you know anything about this, about possible causes?

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Post 19 Oct 2023

Did you checked your OS mixer? It might have different settings for different applications.

Also worth checking any audio settings of the browser.
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Post 19 Oct 2023

Depending on the browser (and its supported codecs) soundcloud might use a different audio codec for the stream. That might be an explanation for differences.

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Post 20 Oct 2023

I have noticed that the iPhone app does weird things if the track lacks a courteous LUFS. :-)

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