R12 on wine ?

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Post 15 Jun 2023

So i was thinking what would be an ideal setup for live stuff?( Based on reason standalone)
I came to a conclusion that i would like an extremely lightweight linux on a fairly powerful laptop which boots up in seconds and loads up reason. And basically there's nothing else on the operating system. Its only job is to load reason and the drivers for my audio hardware and touch screen and get out of the way.
I was thinking that now RS has decided to go online auth only...would it be too difficult to provide a linux flatpak application ?
I mean bitwig and reaper are doing it now aren't they?
Even though the os is foss but the software is proprietary?

Has anyone trid R11 or R12 on wine ?
Can anyone share their experiences?

Im thinking going towards bitwig, but reason is so good for live stuff... everything is right there in one rack window...you know...barring a few navigation tweaks, reason rack is just perfect and i really don't want to go towards another daw... thoughts?

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Post 15 Jun 2023

Reason 12 seems to work well

https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager. ... on&iId=811

well, a lot of tinkering is necessary after all

https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager. ... &iId=40891
music will save us

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Post 12 Jun 2024

visheshl wrote:
15 Jun 2023

Has anyone trid R11 or R12 on wine ?
Can anyone share their experiences?
I've tried R11 lite, which worked on AV Linux-MX Edition 21.3 "Consciousness" after adding a more recent version of wine - but not the full version of R11 as I don't have a license for it? I'd prefer to use my license of R12 on Linux, but the installer knows it's not on real Windows! I don't like M$ Windows at all, not since all this telemetry gubbins was sneaked in. My only Mac isn't quite powerful enough to run it really (2.5GHz dual core i5 2012 Mac mini.) I won't be getting an Apple silly-con Mac until Apple stop making them so integrated/impossible to repair/upgrade - I might need to replace my SSD or perhaps upgrade it, or to add more RAM! no right to repair is bad.

Back on topic:- The companion app doesn't work in wine, only R12 (with some messing around), I read somewhere?

I'm hoping to be able to use reason 12 with additional Rack Extensions, via the Companion App, in wine soon, or one day at any rate.

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Post 12 Jun 2024

visheshl wrote:
15 Jun 2023
Has anyone trid R11 or R12 on wine ?
Can anyone share their experiences?
Not much on wine, but I have many times on a good Scotch or bourbon. My experience ranged from "slightly buzzed" to "pretty hungover". :lol:
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Post 13 Jun 2024

Reddit user u/arisen725 made a post and YouTube video describing how he made a VM for Reason to run on Linux.

He's probably well versed on the matter.

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Post 13 Jun 2024

I for one would appreciate a nice dry riesling RE,
dry but not mordantly so
Who’s using the royal plural now baby? 🧂

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Post 13 Jun 2024

It works somewhat OK in wine: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager. ... &iId=40891

IIrc the menu might still be bugged due to a year long standing bug in wine which never got fixed despite there being a (now outdated) patch available.

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