Audio Technique Makes People Feel That Their Doppelganger Is In The Room With Them

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Post 20 Nov 2021 ... Ht5h1itXoQ
the british psychological society wrote:Hallucinatory experiences are pretty common, despite widespread beliefs to the contrary. Researchers estimate that around 40% of the population regularly experience hallucinations to some degree, whether that be feeling your phone vibrate only to find no notifications, or a full-on out of body experience.


These results suggest that some aspects of bodily self-consciousness can be affected by audio in those with no history of psychiatric or neurological issues. These participants experience what the authors describe as an “auditory doppelganger”, with whom they strongly self-identify. One participant even went so far as to report that they felt “as if I was going around myself.” This effect may offer a new avenue through which to investigate bodily self-consciousness in experimental settings.

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Post 20 Nov 2021

Reminds me of that Binaural Haircut mp3 that floated around my school about 15 years ago. Literally felt like someone was cutting your hair
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Post 20 Nov 2021
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About 10 years ago I turned off my main source of hallucinations, and gave it away to the Salvation Army.
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