What inspires you to be more creative?

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Post 13 May 2021

guitfnky wrote:
13 May 2021
it sounds like you’ve crossed the threshold from acquisition mode into “want to get stuff done” mode.
I'm not sure I was ever in acquisition mode because Reason has always seemed like an embarrassment of riches. Over the years, I have raised the bar for what constitutes an embarrassment of riches, but I still feel basically the same.

I love watching ads and reviews for many effects; they're like entertainment and I accidentally learn stuff about engineering along the way. But I don't buy (or even trial) until I have a concrete need and remember having seen a particular plug-in or category which addresses it. And the effects that bill themselves as creative (as opposed to clarifying a mix) usually just make me think the same things as I do about most synths.

If there's a category of plug-in which seems like inspiration on sale, it's Players. So far, though, none have been silver bullets, so I've become skeptical. Lately, Inspiral and Pattern Mutator have tempted trials. I just need some unstructured time…

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Post 13 May 2021

Another thing is that I do a lot of recording of things in general. Field rec's or interesting objects, sounds, what have you. Finding new sounds to mangle is a bit like getting a new synth or plug. It's always inspiring fertile territory when I've got new material to work with.
Occasionally I'll buy some sample library but it's usually things I'll never get to record myself. Steam engines or something.
My version of Refills I guess.
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