how old are you?

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Post 08 Dec 2020

I am 37 - just had my birthday two days ago - and got this candle which included NN19 and Redrum

I started in 1997 when I was 13 with a workstation from Korg and in 1998 I got ReBirth... which changed my life to the better


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Post 31 Jan 2021

I expected better, but it's just PUF rebranded. Cya.

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Post 31 Jan 2021

41. It's the oldest I've ever been.
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Post 02 Feb 2021

I'll be 49 in May I started playing guitar at 16 and sometime early 20's I started to use computer for making music at first I used midi scoring software on windows 95 no midi keyboard or anything later got a TurtleBeach sound card that enabled me to record my guitar in Voyetra music software and I was in heaven. Started using Reason early 2000 but did not use it as my main daw until record was released

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Post 04 Feb 2021

Recently turned 50. I was gonna throw such a big party. Was.
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Post 04 Feb 2021

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Post 04 Feb 2021

That you’re on a forum at all is telling of how old you are lol. Kids use Reddit etc.

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Post 12 Feb 2021


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Post 13 Feb 2021

58, startet with commodore 64, Yamaha dx7 and the first midi interface from "Computerstudio bonn (Germany)".

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Post 13 Feb 2021

Is 38 too old? Depends on your goals.

Too late to be Aphex Twin, Jr. rocking big EDM festivals if that's what you're wondering about :?

For personal enjoyment, there is no age limit.

66, still playing gigs on bass.

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Post 14 Feb 2021

51 started when I was 15 getting a Jen sx1000 mono synth then tascam Portia studio then summon drums then tr606 and sh101 then big time got a Yamaha sy35 in my twenties and got a home pc and started with reason 4

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Post 14 Feb 2021

I remember doing a cover of being boiled by human league with my Jen sx1000 and recording on a boom box then playing the cassette in my parents old stereo and recording that with my mate hitting a box for the drums then doing it again and again no mics no technology just fun and games with what we had

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Post 14 Feb 2021

I am 59 and I started producing music with Rebirth, in the early 90's.
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Post 22 Feb 2021

stuk71 wrote:
06 Dec 2020
I am 49 and my first keyboard was a Casio VL Tone

53, here. The VL-Tone was my THIRD keyboard. First was a Waddington's Compute-A-Tune and second was an EDP Wasp.
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Post 22 Feb 2021

32, the forum is a great repository of knowledge, I feel lucky to get my hands on it.

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Post 22 Feb 2021

Never ask a lady her age!
The problem with that poll.... and this thread..... it doesn't age well; it involves math. You have to subtract the current date from the post's date, then add it to the age that was posted. Ferking Complex-1, man!
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Post 28 Apr 2021

too old :thumbup: , however I'm really coming in this thread hoping you are ok , i know its horried time in your part of the world , thinking of you at this time
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Post 29 Apr 2021

utdgrant wrote:
22 Feb 2021
53, here. The VL-Tone was my THIRD keyboard. First was a Waddington's Compute-A-Tune and second was an EDP Wasp.
I can only think of three reasons why anyone would go from a Wasp to a VL-Tone.


(And I probably could have guessed your age)

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Post 29 Apr 2021

Im Generation X Old ;)

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Post 29 Apr 2021

Chronologically I'm 40 but I still act like I'm 15 or so

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Post 29 Apr 2021

60 is the number but 40 is the mind. Unfortunately the older I get the less I want to do. I’m waiting to retire so I can spend most of my time
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Post 02 May 2021

49 today. Surreal to think ive been alive for nearly half a century.

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Post 03 May 2021

turning 35 this June. pretty much all guys i work with in the heavy dubstep genre are way younger than me, so i'm always the "elder" guy XD.
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Post 03 May 2021

40 ... startet with Rebirth and Roland MC-505

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Post 03 May 2021

28. Not that it matters, but I've been a lurker in the reason community since the release of Reason 5. A decade plus already?

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