Political Music in 2020 ?

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Post 04 Jun 2020

That singer became a politician, right ?

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Post 04 Jun 2020

Proboscis wrote:
04 Jun 2020
Benedict wrote:
02 Jun 2020
There were political acts in Oz too and while I didn't agree with their Sociaism, their songs stay with me as powerful work because they have a wider story than only rhetoric
Hey Hey, Midnight Oil. Good to see the name drop. Long before those hits of the beds are burning era, there were some very powerful tracks, like late '70's and early '80s.
Indeed. 10 to 1 is a fave record. I chose the later track as it was more likely to be known.


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Post 08 Jun 2020

Well, the new generation does not seem to care about politics, nor political songs. They don't care about us either, pun intended.
If you can't make a hit with Malstrom, Subtractor and Redrum, you can't make a hit at all.

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Post 08 Jun 2020

These peeps made the shit what I’m all about
Still my anceisters was kneeling on their necks
but I realize that ain’t enough
Vlad the thread stopper

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Post 08 Jun 2020

no rules and not something to overthink- if you feel lyrical content based on politics do it. Nothing worse than crushing our own instincts due to unwarranted fears

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