Dream Theater, Anyone ?

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Post 17 Mar 2020

I was in the waiting room of a doctor's office earlier, and quite to my surprise there was a musician's magazine on the table of readable material. A Guitar mag from April 2019. The feature article was an interview with John Petrucci, and a newly-released DT album. A lot of discussion of 'going back to roots' for rock music.

Being no stranger to earlier DT albums... I have a few on CD, they were never really to my taste. Too much dramatic, anthemic vibes for me. Incredible composers and musicians, for sure. But a little over the top.

Today's article got me interested though. In the interview, musical references were made (by Petrucci) to Deep Purple & Led Zeppelin. And a 'getting back to basics' approach to rock music.

So I've been giving that album a spin, thanks to YouTube. "Distance over Time", released in February 2019

I'm not getting anything much different from the tonne of DT I've heard in times passed.

DT are not floating my boat. They have, and have always had, all the elements that should make then a band I would enjoy.

Heavy guitars: check
Somewhat progressive compositions: check
Tight-as-as-trout's-butt interplay : check
Incredibly fluid drummer: check

On paper, DT tick all the boxes, and more, for what I might get into. But I don't know what it is... they just don't light a fire in me when I listen. There are some great 'bits', then into some very unique musical passages, but it never really lights me up, as a listener.

Here is their 'latest' album, for those who wish for a taste of contemporary Dream Theater.


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