Avid Sibelius [BAD DESIGN]

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Post 13 Feb 2020

I came across this video again, it's quite hilarious how this GUI designer & Composer slowly starts to lose his mind while explaining how bad Sibelius Music Scoring software is. An acquaintance once told me how horrible it was (he's a composer and school music teacher, writes musicals so its a part of his everyday life), but I had no idea how bad, until watching the following video.

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Post 13 Feb 2020

Must be on a top 10 list of best rants on Youtube. Same youtuber gives praise to the design of Reason in another video. That we do need more knobs than obscure menus. Avid lives in the 2000 windows design.

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Post 17 Feb 2020

Man that was exhausting

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Post 18 Feb 2020

I've used all the big name scoring software packages and plenty of cheap and free alternatives and, without exception, they all have terrible user interfaces. I have no idea why!

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