Is Reason dying?

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Post 07 Feb 2020

howtobecalm wrote:
07 Feb 2020
Yonatan wrote:
07 Feb 2020

Same boat here. I do not want to have to use another DAW to be able to think R11 is a decent upgrade. As for me, it is still just an update.
i would like a built in video player and a few sequencer upgrades how hard can that be , when is a point update due ? is there usually time frames ?
Same here.

Time frame. I wish we had some clue but without the chaange of owner and name, even then we never knew the policy. So I honestly think RS need a bit more communication as what minimum to expect on an upgrade route.
If I knew just a tiny bit more that it was about x amount of updates and that R12 is no way around for some 1 year, it would be easier to decide if upgrade from scratch would be a good thing. The adds to R11 standalone is nice but nowhere near "cant go without" and the Rack plugin in. my eyes, has been in a beta mode.
The plugin will get midi out so Players will be able to be used with other vst/au.
Seems like when that arrives, it is becoming a more functional Rack plugin.
So where will we see some point updates?
Clueless. And we never know how many more to the DAW side, if any?

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Post 07 Feb 2020

more updates for just for the rack will really piss me off and other daw only users , its my one and only daw please seperate the daw and the rack plugin as two seperate products please , @mattiashg i have no idea the rack plugin is there ill never use it , it should have been sold to
seel rack extensions in other daws only

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Post 07 Feb 2020

Short answer: no

Long answer: Reason would not be my DAW if I was running a pro recording studio, but as a hobbyist DAW it's fine. Forget about REs, VSTs and external MIDI instruments, with just the stuff in the Rack I can do everything I need to. Instruments of all kinds, record audio, plenty of FX processing. Even Intro (or Lite if you bought some hardware that includes it) is good enough if you can live with only 16 tracks, which for a hobbyist is not much of a restriction.

The only other DAW that can be run self contained IMO is Logic. That's Mac only, but it's dirt cheap at $199 and has a broader sound library than any DAW except Reason. It's also a lot more complicated to learn and use. The only DAW that's simpler to use than Reason is Live, but sadly the price has gone up and up and the Suite version is still lacking in depth of the sound library (Standard is pathetic in that regard), so you have to spend $$$$ on something like SampleTank or Komplete, or even more for individual plugins with all the maintenance headaches that result.

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Post 17 Feb 2020

I hate that this is a thing. It's unfortunate, but it's a thing nonetheless.

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