Poll: This Black Friday sucks.

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This Black Friday sucks.

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Post 28 Nov 2019

After "Black Friday" comes "Hungry Weekend"! 😊

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Post 28 Nov 2019

stratatonic wrote:
28 Nov 2019
MrFigg wrote:
27 Nov 2019
The only things I’ve bought this Black Friday are a 10 year old refill and a Glitchmachines VST.
You've experienced Black Friday already? I just made it through the Wednesday before BF!

Please go through your time portal again to Black Friday and let me know who won tonight's game between the Bills and the Cowboys.
Many thanks.
Go Bills! (though that would be TGTBT)

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Post 28 Nov 2019

Ok, I voted that it sucks but then I ran into Beat Crush for 9€... suddenly, it doesn't suck at all. <3

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Post 28 Nov 2019

I feel you bro
I also fell off the wagon and downloaded tonicmint's negative personality or whatevs it's called
Not purchased yet...
Vlad the thread stopper

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Post 29 Nov 2019

Well...I said I'd (probably) never ever buy another synth. Tried Oberon for a couple of minutes just because and bought it straight away. It's a synth I never even considered but I am so glad I finally got it. Excellent. So maybe not so sucky :)

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