Anyone play darts? Advice please. :)

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Post 25 Nov 2019

I bought a Winmau Blade 5 dart board for a gift and am looking at getting a decent set of darts.
They don't have to be Pro, but shouldn't be crap either!
Just looking for a good value kind of deal.
Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Post 25 Nov 2019


i love playing darts
i live in an apt in brooklyn
i'd be interested in how you mount the board or hang it
and if you got a 'scoring board'

as far as darts, i'd look up pro dart throwers and see what they use
it seems to be all in the weight and the flights

maybe there is a place you can go throw some test darts or something

buy something local, try, return, get something else, try, return, etc.

darts are like golf clubs and a guitar: personal

again, interested where you're placing the board
i don't want to !@#$$#!@!!! up the wall in my apartment and lose the security deposit

i am much better at darts than i am at pool

my place is too small for a foozball table

sorry for no specific recommendations


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Post 25 Nov 2019

Sounds weird, but the only thing I know is that don't take your darts from the US to Canada. They have this different thing. True story bro..............

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Post 12 Dec 2019

My advice is to maybe not do this:


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