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Post 05 Oct 2019

My friends and I love this video. It's like a barometer of whether a person is good, if they like this video.

And, apart from that, almost everything he says is a daft house track waiting to happen.

"Something is wrong with me"

"My body's dismembered from my mind completely"

"Disturbing my brain"

"We got flies comin' for us"

"Gimme the goddamn line!"


I have them all in a big TAL Sampler patch. Endless fun. And now I share it with you, my children.

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Post 05 Oct 2019

You, sir, have singlehandedly restored the balance in nature, my faith in Propellerheads, and the human trajectory (to the moon, Alice)!
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Post 06 Oct 2019

likes It . Indeed alot of quoatable and samp'able' cuss lines in there

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Post 07 Oct 2019

Here's a folder with the TAL Sampler patch and all the .wavs - in theory, as long as the patch file is in the same folder as the referenced wavs, it should work. I think.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

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