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Post 01 Oct 2019

So I'm trying to setup a Soundcloud playlist to create an album of it.

Created a playlist. But where's the add song button?
Not here. I'm supposed to go to the song and select "Add to playlist". Hmmm...ok then.

Adding some songs. Wait a sec...one of the songs in the list is grayed out and labeled "Not available in your country"...that's odd!?
No explanation what Soundcloud mean by this, what's the cause. Just that statement.
Googling...ok ppl have reported this problem long time ago but didn't find any cause for this to happen me.

Ok, let me delete the song and add it again. Hmm where's the delete button!?? -Nowhere. Wonder why.

Anyway, I delete the playlist and recreate it. Aha! All songs now available in my country. I worked around a bug. Good.

Crap, there are two songs in wrong order. Hmm...how do I rearrange the songs? I can't.
Oh well, I'll recreate the list again. Ok that worked.

Now I want to disable (make private) the songs in the album, no need to display them in my tracks list any longer when they are in an album.
Disabling the first song; immediately got a bad feeling, and went to the playlist to check...crap, it got removed from the playlist because I set it to private in the tracks.
Setting it to public again, and now it appears in the playlist again, with a surprise feature: the playlist got rearranged in some arbitrary sort order.


I'd love to get some insight in how the development teams at Soundcloud works, there's so much to learn from failures and oddities.

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