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How heartless are you?

life sucks, get used to it
kill yourself
he should be shot
No votes
you should be shot
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police are useless
why are you upset, you should be grateful
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Post 04 Nov 2019

Reggie, listen to this: no one should be exterminated in what way whatsoever. You have problems being bullied, I agree that is far from OK. But shooting, killing or fighting has no use. Also I don't think you need to be stronger, or harder or so. I don't have a fitting solution, but man, you got problems!!!!

Try to be the wiser one.......

I agree, there is still not enough attention for such a big problem, and it is in the hand and brains of the ones doing it, but mostly they do it because in one way or another the are the weak ones, just hiding it by being the bully.

I sympathize with you, and feel sorry for you, but please don't do stupid things you are going to regret!!!

Hold on, breath and live!!!!

I wish you peace of mind, hope it settles a bit for you.
Greetings from Miyaru.
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Post 04 Nov 2019

What a reasonable answer, thank you. I wish that it was different. I've busted my ass, but I can't seem to make it acceptable. But thank you anyways.

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