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Post 08 Sep 2019

Has anyone else seen it yet? I took my girlfriend last night. Watched it on a HUGE IMAX screen. It was gory and entertaining. I think the first one was better but hard to say since they both have their qualities. And they’re both VERY disturbing just like I love horror movies to be.
One thing we agreed on tho is they don’t really explain IT’s true origin. What’s the space turtle all about? What exactly are the dead lights? I’ve heard there’s a paranormal connection to all of Stephen King’s work and I hope someday he releases a final book/movie(s) that tie up the loose ends.
I follow Stephen King on Facecrook and wrote him about this just now. Of course he’ll never answer but man he’s a legend and I love his writing. I still need to finish reading IT (way over a thousand pages tho) and I also have the short stories book, “Bazaar Of Bad Dreams”. Started that a while ago.. perfect for bedtime reading. The first story is about a car that eats people. So twisted! There was a time or two I had to take a break, it was so shocking. Halloween is coming so I’m getting in the mood. Oh - my favorite horror movie of all-time is “Dead Alive!” Cheesy 80’s but total bloody chaos!
Anyways, does anyone else have any insight about the connection to all of his books?
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