Forensic Files

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Post 06 Sep 2019

It’s on Netflix. My girlfriend and I are obsessed! We just started watching it a few weeks ago and have about 100 episodes to go - that is, as long as Netflix doesn’t yank it.
Every episode is another sick twist on the ugliness we humans are capable of. I would never kill someone unless it was self-defense or protecting loved ones, or if I had my gun in my car in one of those mass shootings or something: for the better good. But damn is it hard to wrap my head around people that murder their own wife or husband or kids, family.. and then think they will get away with it! You’re not likely to beat science these days. You will ALWAYS leave a trace behind. And don’t get me started on the Cartel and ISIS. Talk about unfathomable creative ways of murder! Which has led me to and a few times out of curiosity until I just about vomited. Absolutely savage.
There’s a special place in Hell for these psychos.

Anyone else watching Forensic Files?
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Post 06 Sep 2019

Yes. My wife can only take so much of it but I’m always down for an episode or two! Also I love when the narrator says “gas chromatograph mass spectrometer.”

And the obscenely loud shock noises that come out of nowhere. There like a mix of synth, orchestra hit, and wailing woman voice. Priceless.

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Post 06 Sep 2019

Two of my fave shows ever are Forensic Files and the F.B.I files, they are old but so well made.
I'm a huge fan of First 48 too, seen every episode.
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Post 06 Sep 2019

thanks for letting us know you wouldn’t kill anyone, given a choice. 😂😂😂

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