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Post 04 Sep 2019

Be it a painting, photograph, poem, short story, music...
Do you refrain from sharing it online or even in person out of fear of your art being stolen?
I have posted a lot of my music and some poetry but I always wonder in fear.

***Quick story***
When I was a teenager, I was gonna jam with this guy. He loved my stuff so I lent him my demo tape to get familiarized and when I got there to jam, he was already playing AND SINGING my tunes! But not like he wanted to be in a band with me: like he was obsessed and rocking out like they were his songs and just wanted to confirm he was playing them right! So I took back my tape and never saw him again. And I started doing the “poor man’s copyright (mail your tapes to yourself and leave them unopened in case you ever have to take it to court).

Ever since then and to this day, I’ve had nightmares about hearing my tunes on the radio unbeknownst to me, or someone stealing my music somehow. Yeah you should copyright your stuff but it’s a waste of money if it’s not the final version or whatever.
But it has made me very reluctant to post my poetry or more of my music or anything else for that matter and although I have and still do post some things of my art, I really hold back because of this.

Another thing was a guy on here who completely meant well when I had mixing/mastering questions a couple years ago, ripped my song off SoundCloud to do an example of mixing for me. And again: he meant well. However, I didn’t know that was possible to rip a song off the internet that I disabled the ability to download so it renewed the fear again.

It could be out of fear of your art being stolen, fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment — tell me why you hesitate to share everything; or anything.
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Post 04 Sep 2019

Many years ago when I set up a SoundCloud page, I set the prefs so you could listen but not download which served my purposes.
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Post 04 Sep 2019

If someone ripped off one of my songs and managed to get a decent number of people listening to it I'd be well chuffed. I'd have the knowledge that I made that and people liked it.

If he made much money from it.... well.... I don't believe in miracles.
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Post 04 Sep 2019

It's a complicated issue for sure, but at it's heart, there are 3 likely outcomes when you post your original material online for everyone to hear:

A - Nobody listens;
B - Some super-dilligent A&R person discovers your work and immediately whisks you away from your life of drudgery to your shiny new music career;
C - Your stuff gets stolen by someone who has a much better social media 'reach' than you, they earn money (ad revenue) from your work, and worse still, they get your stuff copyright-striked too!

All three are technically possible - there are plenty of horror-threads on Reddit confirming that C happens quite a lot, but the most likely outcome has got to be overwhelmingly A surely?

I think you have to ask yourself why you're posting your stuff publicly in the first place - is it because you think that B will happen and you'll be 'discovered'? That's pretty unlikely no? There are an awful lot of people uploading an awful lot of stuff - what are the chances that someone'e going to stumble over your stuff, love it AND be in a position to further your career?

I think you must accept that your stuff might get nicked - if I can play your stuff on one application, I can record it in another.

If you make Dance Music for example, you know that DJs do this ALL THE TIME - they basically trawl Souncloud and Youtube for their sets, ripping and tagging as they go - at this point it's pretty standard practice for a lot of DJs.

So what can you do to protect yourself? If you're worried that your song/track's going to be in DJ's Big Festival Set or on the Radio as 'tune of the week' then make sure that you're fully paid-up and registered with your country's Performing Rights Society (PRS) equivalent. This way, as long as the 'play' is reported (this is a whole other issue with DJ Culture ATM) then you'll get yours - both the 'cred' and the 75 cents!

Or - you could just NOT post it publicly - instead of hoping that someone's going to find your stuff, FIND THEM and send them your stuff privately - this is not easy, obviously, and takes at least as much time and dedication as creating the art in the first place.

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Post 04 Sep 2019

Yeah, remember Allahoopa? Anyways, that left a sour taste in my mouth.

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